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E-bike specific saddles

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    E-bike specific saddles

    Do riders need a less aggressive and maybe cushier saddle? I am still on the fence(ouch)

    These guys claim the 'worlds first'
    Discover the entire range of Selle Royal saddles on our official online store, expertly designed & crafted in Italy. Supporting cyclists since 1956. Supporting Cyclists since 1956.

    Per Shimano:
    Studies conducted by and PRO with e-bike riders also revealed interested findings. Riders using e-bike motors generally spend less time out of the saddle pushing through steep sections and because they are pushing less force through the pedals, they are putting more weight into their saddles.
    Therefore, the Volture was conceived to offer more padding and greater comfort to e-MTB riders precisely where they need it: additional padding for more comfort in the rear of the saddle, a wider nose design for additional stability and better handling, and a higher tail for better power transfer.

    Here's my eBike specific saddle -
    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_7376.jpg Views:	1 Size:	632.0 KB ID:	45844

    As low as it will go because I don't like to get up when stopped...
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      No disrespect intended, huh?

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      Hey, at least you have good taste in beer - lol

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      I will second that. I am not much of a beer drinker but a Blue Moon draft on a hot day...........well you know what I'm trying to say.

    I've always found it far more important to match your saddle to your sit bones than have extra padding. I use cheap chinese carbon saddles on all 5 of my bikes (only 1 electric). They have a 147mm width which matches me perfect. The carbon flexes a bit too which helps. I've done 60+ mile rides with these with not too much discomfort.
    I still remember a tale I was told long ago.......A friend's father had a nice cushy saddle, that he found quite comfortable. However it did not match his anatomy well and after a long bike ride one day the blood clot that had formed in his, uh, "taint" region dislodged and he had a mild stroke.


      Is there a gel seat available for more comfort? Is there suspension help as I am new to looking and purchasing...I am 71 and wish for more comfort with hip ligament
      issues. I also love the idea of the weight of the bike! Throttle and pedal assist? I know...I have to read! TIA! Will search the topics areas....promise