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    Controller question

    I have an ebay bike kit 48v 1000w and I am running a 48V 20AH Lithium Ion battery (2C BMS which can output 48V 20A for 1 hour or 48v 38a for 30 minutes). Presently I am having issues with power, the display jumps from full to half to one bar then back to half then to nothing, but still goes further... I am thinking it is the controller. Since I used the one with the kit I am now not sure what to buy.
    I know it needs to be 48v and 1000w but it is the amps that has me wondering. Does it need a 38A controller since the battery will give that output?

    Thanks for any responses/help,

    Does the dropping of the bars on the display happen when you apply throttle and then jump back when you use less throttle? If so, this is characteristic of voltage sag which happens when the cells are struggling to deliver the current asked for by the controller. Those bars are really a crude voltmeter and not particularly useful in measuring capacity remaining. I could be wrong, but it doesn't sound like a controller problem to me. If anything, it could be a battery issue...just because the BMS can deliver 40 amps doesn't necessarily mean the cells can. Do you still get the range you would expect in spite of what the bars say?