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Parallel adapter for doubling battery capacity

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    Originally posted by evodev View Post
    This guy seems to think you can charge a Luna Shark Pack through the discharge port.
    I don't think "charging" is what he's after here - his intent is to reset the BMS. See his follow-up comment, "This is only for testing and/or resetting the battery management system. If the battery is not accepting a charge via the normal charge circuit you need to figure out why. Charging through discharge is not recommended for anything besides troubleshooting as it basically bypasses the safety protections built into the BMS".

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      There are BMS's that do not have a separate charge port but that's not the common style in E bike land. 'Two wire' BMS is the common term for the type that don't have a charge port and 'three wire' are the ones with a charge port. 2 wire generally cost more is one reason you see lots of 3 wire.