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    Connectors Anderson Power Pole

    Anderson Power Pole

    Product Link : (Not currently available from Luna Cycles)
    This item is OEM on some motors and kits so its information is included in this KB.

    Anderson Power Pole connectors are single conductor, gender-less connections. Individual connectors have a key-way along one edge and a matching spline along the other allowing multiple units to mated together to form multi-conductor connections. A round hole is formed in the casing between the connectors that a roll pin can be inserted into, locking the units together.

    Anderson Power Pole connectors are available in multiple colors with red and black being the standard for DC voltage applications.

    Reverse polarity protection comes for the fact that in a multi conductor connection 1 half of the mating set MUST be rotated 180° prior to connection. In connector sets larger than 2 conductors care must be taken to insure proper continuity across the connector when rotated.

    Anderson Power Pole connectors are widely used in industry and come in various sizes including some that can handle 100's of amps.

    Most Andersons come with a connection method that allows crimping the wire only, it is highly recommended to solder your connections, especially on lines carrying full battery current. A wire pulled loose from a crimp in this situation could short with the potential for damage to you, your equipment or the surrounding environment.
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