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    Connectors - XLR

    Product Link : XLR Connectors at Luna Cycles

    XLR Connectors were originally designed for professional audio equipment but can be used for delivering power as well. Many high end video cameras utilized the XLR connectors and jacks for that purpose.

    XLR connectors come in various configuration but the 3 conductor design is by far the most common , with the third conductor being unused for power applications.

    The primary features of the XLR are its locking mechanism, requiring a push on a clip to disconnect and its moisture resistance. The body of the XLR is also very robust being made of metal. Due to the metal outer shell additional care must be taken when using them in proximity to other wires and connector to minimize the risk of the shell creating a short.

    A serious limitation of the XLR is the tight confines of the shell. Assembly and soldering is not as easy as other style connectors and using anything larger than 14 AWG becomes a bit cramped, this limitation means that XLR connections are recommended for 40 amps max. They are also larger than other style connectors so you will have to weigh the pros and cons for your application before deciding on a connector style.
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