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    Sur-Ron registration info


    This info provided for informational purposes only. We do not recommend usage on the street and can not advise on topics of registration, however you can see below for info from forum members. Please note if you use this on the street you do so at your own risk

    How to register Luna Sur-Ron as OHV (offroad registration)

    Additional info:
    CA Moped plate

    Canada (BC) info:
    In BC the laws require insurance and registration for any bike that has more than 750 watts, or goes more than 32kph. Since the law requires it, then the state-run insurance broker has to figure out how to insure it. Once it is insured, than licensing is a breeze. There was no inspection or proof of DOT rated anything. The insurance broker is the only hurtle, and now that a precedent has been set, anyone with a surron in BC can insure and register their bikes.
    (this info taken from recent post on Sur Ron Owners Facebook group, search Theron Canada )

    Sur Ron’s are street legal in Colorado without modification. Low Power Scooter tag is around 6 bucks for three years. Insurance is very affordable too. I have two Sur Ron’s with tags right now. The tag makes it real nice to get to and from the trail without breaking the law. Also, it comes in handy if you get lost. Just find a road and go....


    • slim54
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      I just applied for my low power scooter tag in Colorado a week ago. Progressive was able to insure it for cheap. I hope they also approve mine. I thought maybe they would flag it since the SN is not a VIN?
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    • brettvogel
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      Did you have to get turn signals, mirrors or any mods to register as a Low Power Scooter? Thanks from Salida, CO!

    Interesting. Can you explain the process you went through to obtain this tag?


    • dudeman2019
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      It is pretty easy. First insure it; progressive seems to want your business. They will first balk at the VIN becuase it is 15 not 17 characters long. I found they just approved mine and added 2 zeros at the end of my VIN. I do somewhat worry about this if I ever need to make a claim, but havent addressed this with them yet. Once you have insurance, just go to the DMV (in colorado you have to go to the location off colfax (1881 Pierce St, Lakewood, CO 80214). As long as you have your insurance, then they will give you the form and then you will get your sticker and registration. It was stupid easy. Its like 6 or 12 bucks for 3 years. I have ridden by cops on the road 4 times to date, in the last year. Once I even had one pass me, look at me, then turn around and get behind me (was waiting for sirens) and then just pass me again.

    This no longer works in Colorado, FYI. From Colorado Department of Revenue: Sur Ron is not registered with the NHTSA or NCIC and will not be eligible for registration until this is completed. AND Per the Sur Ron website this is an electric motorcycle and also has a nonconforming VIN. The Colorado Dept of Rev does not register electric motorcycles or nonconforming VINs as low powered scooters. I'll try to contact them ans see if there is another way to register in Colorado and will post a solution if I can find one.


    • paxtana
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      Try DirtLegal. According to them if it doesn't work they will refund you whatever the fee was