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BBS02 - 104bcd chainring with generic adapter - chainline input

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    BBS02 - 104bcd chainring with generic adapter - chainline input

    ebay chainring adapter with generic ebay 36t chainring......does this look like it will work ok ?
    new builder sorry for newbie questions ! Click image for larger version

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    Its really hard to tell without some sort of reference line coming off the wheel or chain ring but what I can see it doesn't look very good but maybe still workable. To actually see the chain line which I'm not real sure what the point is when you are this far and can just test it and see how it does I use some sort of straight edge that is long enough to span the tire. Otherwise I find the lines of the frame throw off your prospective as to what is straight. The ring looks like its about as far over as you can get with that small of a ring so that is something at least.

    When you go to first gear does it seem to stay there fine? No slight clicking or jumping from the chain as it comes off the cassette teeth? Does it seem like the chain is trying to climb up the teeth on the chain ring as it goes on? If so how many gears do you have to go in before that stops? If it seems OK on the stand then try a ride and see how it does in those low gears. IF it works it works.

    Did you have something larger before that had more offset and you are trying to gear down? Or is this a new build?


      You want the front chain ring to be more in line with the larger rear cogs. The reason is they are larger diameter so will flex under load far more than the smaller cogs and they are closer to the front chainring( this means there are fewer chain links to flex and absorb the misalignment) . On my bike the front chainring is centered on the rear 8 speed cassette(dead on between 4th and 5th gear)and there is notable flex on the 40 tooth 1st gear cog. I believe that chain jumping would occur if my front chainring was any farther out.
      I would recommend either using a 42 tooth Lekkie bling ring or the stock bafang 44 tooth either one will move your chainline in a considerable amount.
      I use the stock 44 tooth bafang chainring and it has good low end power.

      If you just have to have super low gearing then the only real option is to rearange your rear cassette cogs. You'll loose some gears between low and high but it allows your chain to reach the larger cogs. Of course with this method you must remember to re set the low stop on your derailleur....


        Finally got out on a nice test ride 21 miles of road and issues at all. Pretty rocky stuff that I would normally ride my Haibike All Mtn on and no chain drop felt comfortable on the road as well as trails. I like the 36T better than the Bafang 44T I had. Chain-line seemed fine to me !


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          Good to see that Rhode Island terrain, Dave.

        Keeping the chain lubed will help a lot. When it gets dry it can climb up off of the front cog. I would add an upper chain guide just for some extra insurance.