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My chain doesn't fit my chainring, even though it should according to the specs!

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    +1 on I wouldn't file the expensive chainring... just get a cheap (compared to the ring) chain that fits


      Originally posted by knurt View Post

      I am sorry for the photo taken with the wide-narrow gap on the chain, not correctly aligned with the wide-narrow teeths. I have now aligned it correctly, but the problem persists. I'll attach a new photo when the chain is aligned correctly.
      Here is a quote from KMC site on that chain. "1/2" x1/8" | Compatibility: BOSCH and other eBike systems" It doesn't say anything about narrow wide sprockets. Do what Azguy says just get a cheap chain or use your stock one. I had a SS chain that wouldn't fit on my Luna eclipse and it is still sitting in my parts box. Live and learn.

      I have an Alfine 8 spd, and several other geared hubs. They are all strong enough IF you don't shift under power. If you shift while climbing a hill they will all break!


        Interesting note about 'Bosch and other ebike systems'. Its not like those systems are running that much power so you wonder why they apparently went with a less common chain standard? Sell more 'genuine' parts and service? By other I assume they are talking about Shimano and Yamaha.


        • Dshue
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          It's not just the 250w and 85nm of torque from the motor, the bike manufacturers using these motors intend then to be ridden just as hard as an acoustic bike. So it's in addition to the human power.
          At some point I expect EMBN to get some bikes on the "rolling road" that their friend Ray Cook built.

          And a former GCN presenter, Chris Opie has a set of power meter cranks on his e mtb. I've been hoping that he'll give some power numbers. I've seen him put down over 1400w on a road bike.
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        • Retrorockit
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          It looks like they're producing E bikes for people who don't really need them. Adding 250W to a rider who can make 1400W already? So what?
          Adding 1500W to a 67 year old geezer like me. Now that makes much more sense.

        Originally posted by 73Eldo View Post
        I'm no way any kind of expert on these bikes and I hardly know anything about chains .
        Huh ?! So don't chime in , LOL , and then rag on his chosen equipment which is not what he is asking help for ?


          Originally posted by joebreeze View Post

          Huh ?! So don't chime in , LOL , and then rag on his chosen equipment which is not what he is asking help for ?
          Hmm this thread is 7 months old and you jump in here like a bull in a china store. Did we get up on the wrong side of the bed or are we being a little trollish today.