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    Old bike conversion

    I have a 25 year old Trek 930 all original parts. Has had some maintenance but I hardly use it. Is it worth it to convert? Are there components that should be replaced?

    I did a BBSHD on a Schwinn from about the same time period. Mine was a fairly high end for the time bike so it did have things like a cassette and decent for the era brakes. It rides nice and if you didn't have anything to compare it to its great.

    Fit of the kit was pretty decent, needed a spacer on the BB but can get to all 7 gears using the stock 46t chain ring. Cassette is like a 12-30 but with the 26x1.9 tires it gets around the paved and hardpack trails just fine. I think most bikes from that era should end up pretty similar fit wise so should not be an issue. Only place its really lacking assuming the bike was a good fit four you in the first place is brakes. To begin with they were terrible but a good cleaning and scuffing of the rims and some new decent quality pads and its alright. Not great compared to a disc bike but its stops decently.

    If you are just looking for something to get out and about at normal bicycle pace or slightly above and the bike fits you well I would say go for it. The BBS02 should fit about the same and given the lack of brake performance may be a good thing to have slightly less motor performance, may keep you slightly out of trouble. IF you were looking for a high speed all weather commuter bike I would say you would be better off maybe looking for a high end wal mart bike with discs or a sporting goods store or maybe low end bike shop bike to put a kit on.

    At 25 years you are likely in need of new tires along with the new brake pads so I would put that in the budget too. Decent tires can easily cost $25 these days and $50 each is pretty common. Also can be difficult to find in stock especially if you have a brand or model you really want.


      I would get a slightly later 65mm fork with disc brake mounts. Rockshox Judy XC would be about right. Skip the Judy SL. It's low end crap. Of course you might find an old SID 65mm with 28mm tubes. It depends on your budget, But light weight racing stuff is kind of wasted on a BBSHD conversion. Marzocchi MX Comp came in that travel also with 30mm tubes. Since used, be sure the headtube isn't cut too short for your bike.
      I would plan on at least a 180mm disc with BB7 and metallic pads. The rear rim brake would be OK.
      Since you end up with 1x8 I like the Sunrace 11-40t 8 speed casette. A modded, or extended derailer hanger will be be needed. For street I use old Rapid Rise Derailer and matching RR Shimano Revoshift (hard to find) gripshift. The casette is cheap enough I just replace it withe chain as needed.
      Schwalbe Big Ben Plus is my favorite tire 2.15x26". Sticky high speed compound, thick enough tread to not get punctures easily, and reflective sidewalls.
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