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First Ebike build -- Thoughts?

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    First Ebike build -- Thoughts?


    Looking to do my first build in the near future after checking out a friend of mine's builds (including a 5000w monster that was amazing)

    I ride over sand and off road on a regular, so 26" fat tire is going to be a thing and my goal is a range of ~40mi+ per charge with decent on-road speed and torque.

    I'm thinking of doing something like this:
    3000w Hub Motor
    72v Battery (20ah? maybe more?)
    Backup 36 or 48v battery if possible -- hit a switch and see if i can set the controller to limit me down for a "limp home" mode if the main battery is out of commission.

    Thinking about this frame:

    Not sure where to start with suspension, forks, batteries, etc? budget is around $2500-ish max.

    Sounds interesting. I'm not much of a hub motor guy so don't have any advise there. I do know that sand takes a lot of power so you want to make sure you are getting a motor 'geared' for low speed torque which could kill you on the high end. That is where mid drives do better, you use the bikes gears to keep the motor in its happy place so you can get both the low end you want to plow through loose stuff as well as still get a decent top speed. I don't really know if that is possible with a hub motor since they are basically built to only do one of those things well.

    40 miles is quite a bit for a fat bike that you also want high speed from and 3000w will suck it up really fast if you let it. 60-72v I think is just about a requirement when you are talking 3000w because at lower voltages you could be talking 60 amps which is a lot for wires and connectors to handle and that isn't even talking about a controller or the motor itself having to handle that 60 amps. You double the voltage and half the amps which is a good thing.

    I also don't know how easy controllers are to switch input voltages on. No idea if that is a thing or not or if you have to basically go in and load a whole new 'program' or if maybe you can have different profiles you can easily switch between?


      i wouldn't be against a mid-drive.

      If i was going mid-drive i'd need to find a frame similar to what quietkat sells as i really like that frame layout.