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what to do with the wires?

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    what to do with the wires?

    hi...i’m on the home stretch of my first build...a bafang 500 watt front hub conversion kit for a 27.5 wheel, 48 volt battery with the dcp18’s installed on my specialized roll, low entry bike , which i purchased last year in a lime green, reflective paint....i installed the battery on my rear rack and the speed control on the down tube, which holds the seat post.....i had to change out the shifter/brake units, to install the brakes supplied with the conversion kit....i also changed over to shimano grip shifters...which gave me more room on the handle bars.....i’ve ordered a handlebar extender, because i want to mount a topeak front handlebar bag...which i’ll mount to the handlebars and then mount my display on the extender and possibly a bell.....all i can say is thank goodness for you tube and the instructional videos...

    so here’s my question....i’m looking to not use zip ties to secure the wires on the frame...i’ve looked on amazon at various self adhesive cable clips...but haven’t decided on one yet...i would be very interested to see what you are using to secure the wires to the frame....and how you routed your wires.....i’m mild OCD and like things really neat...when i’m finished i will take some pics and post them.... thank for looking.....Bob

    Originally posted by bobc View Post
    i would be very interested to see what you are using to secure the wires to the frame....and how you routed your wires.....
    Hi bobc,

    Not using a mid-drive, but these are some things I tried to get a better look...

    Made a wire chase to mount along the frame.

    Boxes for excess wire and connections...

    Box with first try at wire chase... and use of flexible tubing. Note: Good "ol" black tape. ;-)

    Running wires inside the frame...

    With flexible plastic split conduit around brake cables and wiring...

    Just a few thoughts,


    More details/pictures in my build log... see link in signature below.

    See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.


      Interesting idea. There are tons of things like that available these days, in the olden days it was called wiremold which was a brand name. Computer stores and even home depot sorts of places should have some options to consider.