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Econversion for Sikk steel female bike with 36 inch by 4 inch tires

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    Econversion for Sikk steel female bike with 36 inch by 4 inch tires

    I was referred by Sikk Cycles to Luna cycles. Want to convert my wife's sikk cycle to a pedal assist ebike. I also have the men's steel sikk cycle with apes and 36inch by 4 inch tires I want to convert to pedal assist. Looking for information on compatible kits.

    Never heard of them till you mentioned em. Not a lot of details on their website perhaps because all are sold out? or maybe I just can't find any specs related to the bottom bracket.

    Looking at the photos which they have a lot of but again no up close details that we need to really gauge how conversions may fit it looks promising since they look to be long wheel base frames with quite a gap between the bottom bracket and where the chainstays start to kick out. This is good for a mid drive and a problem for many fat bikes.

    Hub motors are a bit less expensive parts wise but I don't think often come with fat rims so you may end up having to build or have someone build the motor into your existing wheels. Depending on how you plan to use the bikes you may not be happy with the performance since with hub motors you kinda have to choose between very low speed performance or higher speeds, they generally don't do both.

    Mid drives you don't have to choose low or high speed as much because you can use the gears of the bike and sort of drive it like a manual trans car, low gears for when you need torque but high gears if you want higher speeds. My guess is those bikes being fatter tires are going to require a fat or extra fat mid drive unit which as far as I know leaves you with the BBSHD. The BBS02 only comes in the standard 68-73mm bottom bracket width. This is literally how wide the frame tube is that the crank goes through. Getting a measurement on that should be the first thing so you know what you are looking for. Some photos of that general area like clearance around the chain ring and such could help us guess too.

    What kind of riding do you each do or hope to do? Like what sort of terrain, speeds, and disctance between charges?

    I would figure a BBSHD kit from Luna with one of the regular Wolf batteries and some extras and upgrades to cost about $1500. Yes you could shave it down a bit especially in the battery department but I would use $1500 for a budget number. Install only takes basic bike mechanical skills and mostly bike tools. Electrical is just plug in as long as they kit came all at the same time from a vendor like Luna. If not all at the same time then you could have to make or buy a special battery connector.

    Hardest part for most people is getting the old crank and bottom bracket off. Many bikes require the same crank arm puller tool that the Bafang kit uses so buying one of those for like $20 is generally worth it because you can use it again. Getting the old bottom bracket out almost always needs a special tool and there are several that look the same so some people just bring the frame with the arms already off to their local bike shop where they will usually be able to get it loose for a few bucks while you wait.