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rearrange sprockets on 12 speed cassette

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    rearrange sprockets on 12 speed cassette

    Hello, I need to rearrange sprockets on my Giant Anthem 2021 with Bafang 100W BBSHD to improve chain line.
    My Deore, 12-speed, 10x51 micro spline cassette has 7 sprockets on spider (can’t disassemble)
    Can someone suggest 12 speed cassettes with separate sprockets (or having not more than 4 sprockets on spider).
    I found Sunrace CSMZ901, but it doesn't support micro spline.

    Another option can be to replace micro spline with ordinary freehub (like Shimano 11 speed) on my Shimano 12x148 hub. Is it possible?
    What is the best way?

    Where are you having an issue with the chain alignment as it relates to cassette? Could adjust the low and high limits to keep the chain on the sprockets that have good alignment? You have all that power from the Mid-Drive maybe you don't need all that gearing.
    2021 Himiway All Terrain Cruiser