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Wheelbuilding (drivetrain) question

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    Wheelbuilding (drivetrain) question

    So I've just built up a 26" wheel with a Nuvinci N171 and an an Andra 40 rim. Planning to use it when I transfer my BBSHD from an old Schwinn MTB to a Surly troll frame that I have. Not sure if I'm gonna use a fixie cog or shell out for a White industries freewheel. More recent thoughts have me inclining toward saving up for another mid drive and keeping the Schwinn though....

    I've been thinking about something with regards to derailleur e-drivetrains. What about spacing out an old 120mm or 126mm road hub to about 134-135 mm or so and using a 5 speed freewheel with a 6 speed MTB index shifter? Cog spacing is the same, so you'd simply use one less click. Of course you wouldn't quite have hyperglide shifting with an old Suntour freewheel, but I know that this isn't that big of a deal from past experience.

    Freewheels are cheap on ebay. There are even still make new ones, made for the cheapest department store bikes, all steel probably. Freewheels have a huge advantage in that they have a much larger pawl radius of the more modern freehubs. It seems to me that this could kill at least three birds with one stone.

    1. Completely eliminate wheel dish in geared drivetrain wheels
    2. Lessen the pawl/shell failure that freehubs are vulnerable to
    3. Mostly eliminate chainline issues (even allows for chainline adjustment at the rear as well as front)
    4. Get rid of unneeded gears (with BBSHD anyway) in a neat way

    The old bent axle problem with these hubs should be lessened by having the bearings more equidistant from the dropout than with the old geared freewheel hubs. That was a big problem once they went to 126mm spacing with 6/7 speed road hubs. I would also replace the quick release axles with longer solid axles.

    Am I nuts? I have some old hubs around that I could easily repurpose.

    I'm confused where the gears and the Nuvinci come in. So the Troll will end up with the Nuvinci and a BBSHD one way or another? I want to see that, I love the Surly steel frames and have always wanted to try a nuvinci with a mid drive, seems like a great combo. And the rest of this is to keep the old Schwinn running too?


      Exactly. Nuvinci on the troll is gonna happen. Already built the wheel and have all the other required parts.

      Thinking about the gears for the Schwinn or one of the others around here. Just would need another BBSHD:)