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220mm brake rotors

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    Originally posted by AZguy View Post

    SRAM's recommended fluid is DOTI use 5.1
    Obviously...I don't use cooking oil in my motorcycle engine either...LOL! Yeah, I guess we were mainly talking about the compatibility of mineral oils on much of this, but I'm a long, long time personal user of DOT brakes from the early days. These Tektro Orion 4-piston brakes are the first mineral oil models I've ever owned personally, but I've jacked with them at the shop for years. I got started with the Hayes Mags/Nines back in the day around '99 or '00. From there on it was Juicy's, Elixirs, and such. I've never had any heartburn using DOT fluid brakes. I guess once you get used to using it on automotive and motorcycle applications, it's more caustic nature is just something you're aware of...especially when you're putzing with it on the front master cylinder of your motorcycle's precious gas tank paint...LOL!

    This brake discussion, especially in light of huge rotors, causes me to wonder why I didn't go to 4-piston units a lot earlier. I guess using 8" rotors on my 2-piston Hayes and SRAM units alleviated some of the issue, but I gotta say I am totally in the 4-piston setup now. And as stated earlier, it isn't just because of sheer stopping power, it is because of the ease of lever pressure for the stopping power. Throw in the power of a BBSHD and using the brakes to constrain that power going into corners and/or obstacles, and the treatment of fingers, hands, and fatigue at those extremities has been awesome.

    AZ, you know we talked a bit early on about my use of the brake sensors. Now with no brake sensors and the 4-piston brakes, I can keep the motor "active" so to speak and just use the brakes to bleed off power while keeping that motor "on tap" for immediate response. We can't be talking much more than millisecond response here, but it's noticeable and useful instead of coming back up on the power after the brake sensor was released. This is something I had to experience and learn being new to the emtb thing. I can only compare a little to something akin to the way you fan the clutch and gently ride the rear brake while still under power so the coming out of a corner or cresting an obstacle allows you to have power instantaneously. I can tell one other thing too. I'm going to go through brake pads quicker with this rig...LOL! I already have a new set sitting on the bench.