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Frustration with "73-100mm BB" BBSHD kit

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    Thanks Calfee!


      Originally posted by calfee20 View Post
      So how do you measure offset. Maybe a photo.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	2017_12_04_13_21_02_ProShot.jpg
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      Left to right--------- Bafang, Shimano, Electra Cruiser

      Click image for larger version

Name:	2017_12_04_13_27_24_ProShot.jpg
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	2017_12_04_13_29_04_ProShot (1).jpg
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      I bought mine here.
      Ok here are two more photos. This first one is a BBSHD left crank arm.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	2017_12_22_13_15_05_ProShot.jpg
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      Finally an Electra cruiser left crank arm.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	2017_12_22_13_16_09_ProShot.jpg
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      Now to be even more confusing a BBS02 comes with slightly straighter arms or closer to the Shimano steps.


      • Rider
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        Thanks calfee20! This is very helpful information. It appears the Shimano has the least offset, the BBSHD is about 1/2” more and the Electra has the most offset at about 3/4” more than the Shimano and about 1/4” more than the BBSHD.

        Do you know if the BBS02 is the same as the BBSHD? (Thanks for adding the BBS02 info, it has less offset than BBSHD - Now the trick will be to know if you are buying a BBSHD or BBS02 left crank arm when they are advertised as a Bafang crank arm...)

        Also, is that an Electra Lux or Electra Lux Fat left crank arm, if there is a difference?
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      Thanks again!


        Thank you for these crank offset pictures. This confirms for me that I should try Shimano steps on drive side and keep the bafang crank on the left.


          Hi Everyone, my first question here and this thread is very handy.

          I have a donor bike to play with ATM, it's an old steelie road bike that has a 68mm BB, I'm going to tweak it a bit to turn it into a firetrail / commuter / Shopping cart style bike, so mostly smooth dirt roads
          I'll drop a set of 100mm travel front forks onto it so I can get disk brakes, It's going to be a bit of a mongrel but will be fun to play with till I get a suitable MTB

          I want to buy the BBSHD kit suitable for a 120mm BB, as I will have a fat bike in the future so I was just going to machine down a donor BB and TIG it to the BB of the donor bike to get the appropriate spacing / offset

          So I guess my questions are:
          The thread on the RIGHT side of the BB is 32mm x 1.0mm on the RHS, is that correct, It looked close to that.
          The thread on the LEFT side of the BB is a left hand thread I presume, I cant get the bearing cup out as I need a specific tool I don't have ATM

          Thanks for any reply's

          BTW, here's my donor Bike
          it's an old Miyata, according to the serial number it was manufactured in Japan in 1985
          First of the Double butted frames from that bike maker

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Miyata_01_SMALL.JPG
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          Felix D'Kat

          My Rides: DRZ400e setup for ADV, I love it, An old Hardtail MTB with a BBSHD


          • calfee20
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            You have an old style head set, steering tube, and fork so your plans for new front fork will be difficult to impossible. You may be better off getting a cheap Walmart or bike's direct fat bike to start off with.

          • Rider
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            Odds are that bike has a 1" steerer fork. Look for a basic 1" steerer disc brake front fork like the Exotic Aluminum 44.5 (~$120) or even something cheaper that is being used on the cheap premade cruiser E-bikes that have front disc brakes.

            I have an old 1991-2 Schwinn Crosspoint that I bought brand new back then. I may put my extra BBS02B on it to play around with someday. Like yours, it is a Cro-Mo steel double butted frame. I was the last year Schwinn made that quality of bike, before they sold out.

            You can also go with drum brake hubs. Sturmey-Archer makes them in 70mm & 90mm. Although I have never owned a drum brake setup, I'm told they work well, are super quiet and trouble free. Of course you have to have them laced up; more $$$...
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          Thanks guys

          Calfee20, your spot on about the steering tube, I'll work something out there, I'll probably just go with the existing forks, not sure just yet.

          Hey Rider, Thanks for the Sturmey-Archer tip, I've been to the Sturmey-Archer site but never looked at the front hubs, that will be the go I think
          I'll just need to buy some new spokes as the S-A hub is larger than the one I have, or just use some wheels of an old 26" MTB I have that is too small for me

          Decisions Decisions

          Cheers anyway
          Have a nice New years celebrations.


          My Rides: DRZ400e setup for ADV, I love it, An old Hardtail MTB with a BBSHD


            I'm sure the answer is posted somewhere but I have not been able to find it on the forum or Luna's website.
            What spacers are included with a BBSHD kit from Luna? Is it the same as the spacer kit sold separately: 1x1mm, 2x2mm, 1x4mm?
            If not, how many spacers do you get? What width are they? What is the total spacing they provide?
            I'm trying to figure out if, and how well, I will be able to fit to my BB w/o buying an additional kit.


            • Felix D'Kat
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              Good Question, I was wondering that myself

            Yes, it’s the kit you mentioned.


            • Poco Askew
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              Is this in regards to my post #22 above?