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Does anyone report chain breaks with BBSHD or Cyclone?

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    Like I mentioned I'd be fine with 8sp if I could get the ratio - for me that's what's important. I've tried less than 4:1 (11-42t) but found me wanting more although I could live with it. It's good to avoid spending a lot of time on the 11t since this is where you are usually doing a lot of power and there are only a few teeth engaging so the cogs will fail early - I've taken out several in my early e-biking days. They are cheap to replace though. Point being is I don't use the 11t or the 46t often but I still use them and glad they are there when I want them...

    BTW - I run the Shimano HG701 chain. When I bought the bike the expensive KMC chain that was on it was too short when I put the BBSHD on so I had to lengthen it and it was less money to buy two (so I could make it long enough) of the 701's than one of the KMC's that was on it. They had them at the LBS so that's what I went with. Since then I've come to understand several things. The 11 speed chains have the machined pins I described and I was naive to this and just added chain be pressing the existing pins in (what are these odd one time use pins they included?) and had an early failure after a few hundred miles. I was carrying my trusty decades old chain breaker and a master link so was able to limp home. They aren't the least expensive chains but at $30 per very reasonable and every review I've seen sings praise about their durability. I think with just basic lubing - I'm lazy and not so inclined to take it off for a solvent bath - they'll last me 2-3000mi easily.

    The topic of lubricant choice borders on religion and politics ;-} I've been using boeshield which is ages old and just paraffin dissolved in a very light penetrating solvent. The only downside I've found is I'll get some stubborn build up on the derailleur idlers but no big deal. It's super easy to apply (drip bottle for me) and for me that's likely the most important thing....


      My 8 speed is 50t x 11-40 casettte. 50x11 is an overdrive for 30mph blasts, normally I'm in 50x13. The 40t, and 34t gears are for power off use around pedestrians so the cross chain isn't a problem (roller chain guide also). On 26"x 2.15 tires i agree the BBSHD requires more than 4:1 ratio. The 50t is a Surly Stainless flat gear on a 130mm spider adapter.
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        That sounds like a good setup - a lot faster than mine (50t vs. 42t)

        I might do more aggressive steep off-road stuff and need the lower gearing the 42t ring (raceface narrow-wide on 130bcd adapter) brings - sounds like yours may be a more road oriented?

        I've got a very fortunate excellent chain line and no issues in any gear


          For offroad the crosscahined lower gears would be a deal breaker. South FL has two surfaces, flat and underwater. Mines definitely a road burner. I think there were some 48t offset chainrings available. My GF/Trek farmes have 73mm BB so that doesn't help.