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Drop out fit for Bafang axle

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    Drop out fit for Bafang axle

    I have a salsa mukluk that I want to install a Bafang 750 watt hub drive. My current axle is 10mm as is my drop out. Will the Bafang axle fit? I see that there axle has 2 flat sides. Anyone know what that measurement is? I don't want to order this and find out it won't fit.


    I don't know the specific details on hub motors but 10mm pretty standard for a rear. Hub motors typically have one size up axle and nuts so in the case of a rear its at least a 12mm or maybe even a 14mm but with the flats it fits into a 10mm drop.

    Just curious if you considered a mid drive? That's a pretty nice bike so I assume its not primarily a budget issue like people converting a 20 year old bike or a walmart bike. What sort of riding do you plan to do?


      Thanks for your reply.

      I will be using it in the Southwest in the desert and mountains. Forest roads and single track. Back east rail for trails riding.

      I was interested in the mid-drive but there was a chain-line issue. The salsa mukluk is a x/small frame, bottom BB is 100mm. I would have to use the BBSH 1000 and 120mm shaft. A lot of spacers , Bling ring kit, different cover for drive unit to achieve a better not perfect chain-line. I don't know if it's worth the time, money and effort. I could buy a low end MTB E-bike for less.

      I looked at the CYC motor and that might solve the chain-line but that again is a lot of money. Very long delivery time .

      This why I'm looking at a hub motor. It's cheaper and if I have a chain failure in the desert I can still get to safety.

      The reason for my original drop specs question was the company that had the Bafang motor kit said the motor would not fit my 10mm drop- out. The Chinese company selling this motor said they have 9 years of experience. Why would a company make a motor that doesn't fit a standard size drop-out?

      Anyway, this is my current dilemma. I'll shoot an email to Bafang and see If I can get the correct info.

      If the stars all align I can do the hub conversion for about $800.


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        Those bafang geared hub motors are usually pretty lousy at climbing steep stuff

      Have you considered buying another pair of Salsa Alternator plates and modifying them to whatever axle width you need and to incorporate the torque tabs? Maybe using the meatier Rohloff plate (like I have on my Marrakesh) as a starting point?

      Originally posted by river runner View Post
      Why would a company make a motor that doesn't fit a standard size drop-out?
      Because of the torque is one reason - and I hope the Alternator plates are up to this task ... I'm also hoping you have an aluminum-framed Mukluk, because I'm (probably unjustifiably) scared of carbon and its failure mode.
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        Thanks for your advise.

        The bike is aluminum and the drop-outs look beefy enough. My problem now is there are not many hub kits out there for my build. I'm running out of time before I head west and may have to rely on leg power till spring.

        Your build is spot on.


          Have you looked at Grinn's site? They seem to be 'THE' hub motor people in the world. Maybe you don't want to spend the bucks to buy their level of stuff or have issues importing the stuff from Canada but they seem to have a lot of information on their site about various topics and I would assume hub motors are one of the things they have info on.