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Lapierre Edge 3.9 2021 and a mid drive

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    Lapierre Edge 3.9 2021 and a mid drive

    so I have had this bike for about 3 months now and am really wanting to convert it too electric. I have no experience with mid drive so I just want to know if it would be possible. The only thing I can see that screams out at me is the bottom bracket on my bike which on the product page states it's a square 124.5mm. could anybody advise me please?


    That looks like a good bike to convert. 124.5mm is the width of the pedal shaft, and square is the type of crank it takes. You need to know the bottom bracket width, which you can measure yourself.
    The rest of the stuff in the front will be discarded. This is the width of the frame itself between the cranks. 68-73mm is "normal" but it can be wider. Then you will need to know the type of bearings it uses. Some of the bigger ones might need an adapter. You didn't say what type of riding you do. Tires, brakes, battery size and gearing can all be different due to that, and should probably be sorted out first for safety reasons. 8 speed in the rear is actually very good for this.
    I saw that bike priced in Euros. There might be some legal speed/power limits where you ride that most of us here aren't familiar with.
    A legal bike here would be 750W, 28mph, and no throttle. Some places you can disregard this (by not riding like an ass), others you can't.
    If you have strict speed and power limits a hub motor might make sense.
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