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Mid drive cassettte zip tie mod.

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    No news isn't always good news. To sum it up the BBSHD broke the first 15t idler bracket. So I added the massive battery hanger clamp and the 1 1/4x3/8" 6061 bracket. Passed all tests including wheels up launches. The during fairly light loading the BBSHD quit providing power. It turns out mine is the older version and the motor shaft snapped where the gear meets the rotor. This is uncommon but not unheard of. So the winner is the failsafe breakaway zip tie! It didn't break! Of course I wish that was the problem.


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      I waited to post here until I knew it had nothing to do with it. But the chain management battle of the parts continues. 1 for the BBSHD, and one for the T-Cycle battery bracket. The zip tie is surviving all of this mechanical mayhem.
      I think the shaft is probably bigger all the way through, not just at the bearing, (It would be hard to press the rotors laminations on an 8mm shaft with 2 larger ends on it) and getting the keyway away form the change in section, plus a free area to absorb some torque will make big difference. If the shaft is full 9mm that's 26% more cross section right there. Keeping 2 stress risers away from each other is a big plus. TSDZ2 has shit like that and they never fix it. At least Bafang did something about it.
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