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Controller with no wire labels

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    Controller with no wire labels


    I've been toying with the idea of converting my old Claude Butler to an e bike for a while now, but the cost of kits has really kind of put me off.

    I was offered a kit for pennies from a friend recently. He'd had it a while but never found the time to put it on. So I thought it might be a fun project.

    I've just got it on the bench, to try and work out what connects to what, and I'm not so sure fun is the right word. In fact most of the words I'd use to describe it have four letters...

    I'm an aerospace engineer by trade, so I understand complex wiring systems, and I'm sure I could work out what connects where eventually, but I'm hoping people here can point me in the right direction.

    Some of the connectors match. I know it's a big leap but I'm going to assume for now that they are terminated correctly.

    But that leaves a fair few wires dangling in the breeze with no real indication of what they're for.

    If I post a picture or two of the items I have, I wonder if people might be able to give me some guidance?

    I'm kind of expecting to have to make up my own loom with decent wire at some point, but hoping to get it up and running mostly with what's already there initially.

    So anyway. Any help from people who've already put similar together would be incredibly gratefully received.

    Yes. I know I could have spent a load of money and bought a much simpler kit, but that's not the point. This is a project that I want the satisftof getting working. All suggestions to bin it and start again will be roundly ignored.

    Just trying to sort uploading photos


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Name:	IMG_20221122_162604__01.jpg
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ID:	157872pictures of the seemingly random selection of connectors.
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        Heres something to get you started. What you have is pretty typical, but annoyingly different. The parts have plugs that don't match. So you will have to get adapters, or cut the plugs off to connect them wire by wire. This link is broken so heres a pic of the wiring instead. The controller looks different but all the wiring is pretty much the same. Some of these universal controllers have more of the features than others that sell for cheaper.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	7YYL4KB4-motor-controller-60v-72v-universal-3.jpg
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          Good find stts. Thanks. Now I just need to work out what goes where on the wiring loom.


            Heres a video for installing the PAS round sensor in your pic on your bike.
            Patreon - Support - Website - http://ev-customs.c...

            Heres a video of the same guy opening up a display to solder a different wiring connector to the display. You can maybe open your display, to actually see the wire colors before chopping off your display connector to hand wire it. If the wire colors are the same as the colors on your controller connector, then it would mean you can cut the connector off and expect to find wires ready to connect into the controllers wires. Or you can hunt down and order an adapter that's plug and play. Most likely an adapter will be hard to find.
            Patreon - Support - Website - http://ev-customs.c...

            And here's videos explaining how to hook the controller up to work. He has several videos explaining connections in detail.
            Patreon - Support - Website - http://ev-customs.c...

            Patreon - Support - Website - http://ev-customs.c...

            And here is a video of how to work and configure the display when you get it hooked up. The display wiring should be color for color. They even sell this display with the connector your controller has. So it is a compatible display. You just don't have the right connector. So temp wire everything together, maybe even as shown in the instructional video. To prove that you can get everything to work. Then invest in matching connectors so you can easily unplug everything for maintenence and trouble shooting.
            How to use and program your electric bicycle display computerThis is the instructions for a S866 LCD with P01 to P20 explained.The display is compatible with...

            You should have enough info to get quite a ways in making all this work. Be careful and tape things up before you power on. You will need the special crank tool to properly install the PAS sensor on your bike. Don't beat the crank off with a hammer like another poster did a few weeks ago. eBikeing the DIY way is a skill of finese rather than force.

            Start a build thread and keep everybody posted on your progress. Even if its not ideal, you with be pleased in your first time success. Hopefully what you have is 100% functional. :)

            Just to see if things work, you can string 3 or 4 car batteries together for power to check out what you have. No point in buying an eBike battery until you know what you have. Unless you already have an ebike battery.
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              They make testers.
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