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ViolaMart rear hub wheel problem

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    ViolaMart rear hub wheel problem

    I have heard about several others who have had the same problem with a Violamart 1000w rear hub motor. I have two of these, one is currently running beautifully in my Burley tandem bike. The other has never worked.
    When attached to either controller (the new one and the one on my tandem) all it will do is judder. It once spun slowly, but then went back to just wobbling back and forth. The new controller works fine when attached to the tandem motor.
    I bought an ebike teste, ran all the tests, and they were all good. I then took the motor apart and checked all the wires for continuity from the plugs to the hall sensors and the primary wires. Everything was fine.
    I am suspicious of the connectors, esp the big block that connects the rear wheel to the controller. I think the next thing to do is cut the connector off and solder all the wires to eliminate any possibilty of a bad connection.
    Any thoughts?

    This question was posed a few months back, and I have finally gotten around to the repair. I back-burnered it because I have been working on a mid-drive tandem conversion that has worked out great!

    I soldered every connection coming out of the motor to the matching controller wire. It works! There was obviously a bad connection in the wheel side connector. I took a ride around for a bit today and it works like it should. I might install plugs again, since it is inconvenient to have the motor and controller hard wired. But maybe not?


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      If you want to stay hardwired I would suggest a Tannus Armor tire liner, and some sealant in the rear tire. may be you won't have to ever break it down by the side of the road (or wherever you ride).