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Front freewheel mod. (zip tie mod for hubmotors?)

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    The XC bike is done and working well. But the 134mm "Cotterless Axle" is a seriously archaic (primitive but tough) component, and with the widest one "available" made just 47mm chainline.

    So on to plan B. I'm setting up this mod using just parts from the Sick Bike Parts closeout on Ebay. Setting it up on a bare frame. This was all Ebike parts from the start.
    68x131.5mm Square sealed bearing BB converted to 73mm with a Shimano BB end cap.
    170mm Square taper front freewheel cranks, looks like mid range trials cranks. Much stronger and heavier than the SJS stuff. 535g. a pair.
    110mm chain ring adapter. Bare Aluminum CNC waterjet part. Burnished finish. (the SJS cranks came with a 104BCD adapter I haven't seem separately, and a crap freewheel)
    The White ENO Ebike Freewheel (White Ind. is out of stock on these right now.....)
    This produced a 60mm chainline, so lots of options using normal sealed bearing BB to close this up some.
    10mm between the freewheel and the BB end. 15mm on the LH side.
    175mm between the end of the cranks cranks at this BB width.
    The only thing that looked unusual to me was the cranks seated 15mm onto the tapers. ISO, and JIS are not exactly the same, and hard anodizing can make parts larger. There was room for them to go on further. Not my fault, I got it all from the same vendor. My LBS said it's not a problem. The ISIS cranks may be more precise in locating the cranks. But ISIS BB are all symmertical, and some Square sizes are offset. Trial and error could get expensive in that format.
    My own bikes are both FFW now. I'm setting this up for my brother who commutes in NYC. Lots of trackstands in traffic and out of the saddle sprints. He rides out of the saddle half the time anyway. Short trips he just leave the Thudbuster ST at home. I'll give him the Trials 72 click conversion for what he's doing.
    Again the ENO freewheel has only one bearing when coasting, and only becomes structurally solid when the 3 pawl freewheel engages. It was only intended for single speed applications like BMX and Trials bikes. It's tough, durable and serviceable. But it needs a toothed roller chain guide to create a false single speed chainline, not just to keep the chain on. It's a good idea with FFW anyway.