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Bimotal 750W clamp on rotor/ motor.

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    Bimotal 750W clamp on rotor/ motor.

    I just saw this today. Pototypes are pricey. They say they'll be offering a mid drive. maybe a cog inside a chain ring?
    Elevate is an ebike motor that can make any disc brake bike electric. It’s quickly removable, super lightweight, and lets you keep riding the bike you love!

    Interesting. They don't seem to mention or show the battery. Is that included in the $2k price? You would hope so and that it would also be a kinda slick compact design. I wonder how loud it is or low long the drive gears last? I could see that being a problem area between reasonable noise and wear. I also wonder how well it can sustain high output levels? That much power in that small of a package would have to be working pretty hard and it doesn't look especially like its got a lot of cooling fins.


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      The battery is small and the say about 1-1.5 hours per charge. So it's more of a part time assist than an actual Ebike motor. It is kind of funny. You take it off and stick it in your backpack to make the bike lighter????

    • AZguy
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      300Wh battery

      Interesting concept but I'm a bit dubious (nobody should be surprised lol)

      It's very light (<1.5kg) so that's gotta be a tiny motor

      Continuous torque is only 50nm and it's almost certainly not that much at lower speeds so steep stuff isn't likely in the cards

    Is this the chief of engineering or the head of QC?

    Click image for larger version

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      An Ebike motor that's easy to carry around............I prefer that the motor carries me around.