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Effetto Mariposa products.

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    Effetto Mariposa products.

    I don't work for or get promotional products from these guys ( or anybody else). But they make a lot of good quality stuff, and it can be hard to find. Often I have to order direct from the factory in Switzerland.
    Caffelatex foaming tubeless sealant with no ammonia. A lot of other accessories for tubeless there.
    Tubeless conversion stems with removable cores, threaded but bends instead of breaking, Schrader and Presta compatible, and the cap is metal with a core removal tool in it.
    Reuseable tubeless rim strips.
    Tire Invader tubelss pinch flat prevention.
    Worlds best performing drip chain wax.
    Some examples of exclusive products developed by Effetto Mariposa: bicycle torque wrenches (Giustaforza family), accessories for tubeless (Caffélatex family) or for tubular tyres (Carogna family), protective tapes (Shelter family) and… much more. Everything is specifically designed for cycling purpose.

    Your bike shop, Ebay or Amazon usually doesn't have all of their stuff. I usually end up there after other stuff doesn't work.
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