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Townie 7D Conversion

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    Townie 7D Conversion

    I have two Townie 7D bikes that are about 2 yrs old that I want to covert to e-bikes. My wife and I are 60 and just want to leisurely ride paved trails, but we do live in the hill country of Texas, so lots of up and down. We are not looking for speed, but more interested in distance.

    Would a front hub or mid-drive be best for our needs? I was looking at the e-Rad mid-drive until I found the Luna site which is much more cost effective. I have watched a detail video of a mid-drive conversion and feel it's well within my mechanical skills.

    interested in a left thumb throttle so I can leave my seven speed shifter intact on the right?

    What other controls/features should I be looking for in a conversion?

    I did a Townie 7D conversion over the summer, if you'd like, you can read the build thread here:
    I've read about the e-grin that happens when you first get on an electric bike. I even imagined what it might be like when I got to do it. Today was that day,

    I was going back and forth over mid-drive vs. hub but I'm glad I went with the mid-drive. I'm definitely not a mechanically inclined person and I was able to make the conversion with little trouble. I went with the BBS02 because most areas I ride in are pretty flat. If I had a lot of hills (sounds like you do) then I would definitely choose the BBSHD as it seems pretty bullet proof.

    Things to watch out for from my experience...

    1. Cranks were the hardest part for me to get off the bike. Definitely have the proper tools available to make this easier.
    2. Understand what you're getting in the kit in terms of connections from the controller/motor to the battery. I crimped them and have had no trouble. Some will tell you to solder.
    3. I had to get brake and throttle extension cables. If you have the stock handlebars you may be able to get away without these but look into it (I have mini-ape hanger bars on mine)

    Have fun! I have no regrets on my build and only wish I would have done it sooner. Of course the biggest problem is I want to build another one now LOL.


      I had read your review and plan to use
      pretty much the same components. I had a few questions.

      Did you find the Lekkie Bling Ring 42T to be a good addition?

      Did you buy the upgraded display? Seems like the standard one is sufficient, color doesn't do much for me.

      Did you use the GearSensor for Derailers that they sell? Seems like the gears would get worn without one.

      I liked your battery selection and think I will use the same one.

      Thinking I will get their toolkit with the Luna wrench to make things easier.


        I really like the Bling Ring on my setup, the chainline is perfect for the BBS02. I admit I never tried using the stock bafang. If you get the BBSHD you might have to look into whether the Luna Eclipse would be a good setup over the bafang ring that comes with the kit.

        I did NOT get the upgraded display, I have the C965. It has everything on it I need. Plus since I went with a 48V battery, the battery gauge is pretty spot on.

        I did NOT buy or use the gear sensor. I back pedal a quarter turn or so before shifting. Works great for me :D

        The toolkit was not available when I was building but it looks like a great addition! Good luck!


          Thanks for your input, getting ready to order. They are showing everything as "pre-order", so I guess everything is out of stock.

          Going with the BBS02 to stay legal and really don't need or want the extra power.