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Improved Cyclone 3000w eBike Mid-Drive Motor Mounting Solution

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    Improved Cyclone 3000w eBike Mid-Drive Motor Mounting Solution

    Yes, I think this deserves its own topic and thread, as it does make the Cyclone mid-drive worthy of more consideration as a mid-drive purchase. Click image for larger version

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    But, it's kind of a continuation from the thread that I posted here under the DIY title: Cyclone Mid-Drive Monster eTrike Build.

    Anyway, this is mostly just a video at my YouTube Channel. I'll post the text description here too, as that won't be displayed if people here at the forum only view the video via the embedded player:

    "Christian Livingstone demonstrates how to fabricate an improved eBike motor mounting solution for the powerful 3000 watt Cyclone mid-drive system, which has recently been made available to people on the North American continent by Luna Cycle, as a State sales tax-exempt purchase to those outside the Alta California area of the West Coast, and without any hostile, extortion-based U.S. Federal State Customs and imposed "Duties" clearing hassles at a surprising value and purchase price of $389, for consumers in the partially-Free Market."

    But, please do tell me what you think!
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    Good day Christian - Very nice work! I like how you planned it out to be simple and solid, and you did all the work yourself. Biggest improvement you can make to a Cyclone kit!



      Thanks for that nice feedback.

      Yeah, I thought I'd be road testing by now. But these one-off projects have a lot of details and parts to fit. The Bafang mid-drives are a nice and clean solution, I mean, with the internal controller and water-tight connectors, etc.

      I might have some new photos soon of some progress with electrical component mounting and a custom battery box soon, but I want a large rubber grommet with an inside diameter of about 1-1/4". Details, details...


        Beautiful machine work! But it does nothing to address the fundamental weakness in the Cyclone 3000 mount.

        See photos on page 28 of this thread (fourth post down):



          But it does address the fundamental weakness in the Cyclone 3000 mount: BY DOING IT AWAY WITH IT!

          There's no fair comparison between the two mounts, as most all of the leverage that is being exerted through the length of the old brackets is done away, along with the two long bracket bolts, one of which is shown to be bending and thus deforming the barrel/tab ("squares") in that endless-sphere thread.

          Yes, the only potential weakness I saw in my two collar solution was at the other side of those two aluminum tabs ("squares" ) with the barrels that are somewhat thin-walled, which connect to the motor bolts (not other side with the obsolete/done away with bracket bolts). And as you can see in the endless-sphere thread, at those points they are solidly and squarely locked between the two cast aluminum flanges without any deformation at all.

          Also, I split one of those barrel/tabs in half to use with the collars, so there is even less potential torque and leverage forces possible, as they're half as tall now. And after I welded them to the new aluminum collars I baked them in the over at 350 degrees for 9 hours, to get much of the temper strength back after welding.

          But, like I stated in the video, I nearly made the collar mounts from mild steel collars and custom barrels. So, if it ever does become a problem, mild steel collars and similar barrels would certainly and quickly take care of it.

          Thanks for the heads-up though.
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            The cyclone part that you welded to your fabricated collars is the part that failed. You did nothing to address that weakness.



              I cut that part of it off, i.e., no more weakness. Ha, ha, ha...

              And, again, my collar mounts alleviated the long bolts to act on that obsolete spot. Same with the long bracket that acted, past tense, as leverage and a torque arm against that removed spot.

              All gone, bye-bye, no problem!

              So, if you're waiting to get a Cyclone mid-drive, wait no longer.

              But, if it makes you feel better, go ahead and use steel collars and barrels, like I mention in the video, as steel is tougher than aluminum, and you could make the wall-thickness that I mentioned even thicker, if you like.

              Whee, this stuff is fun!
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                Christian awesome info. I just received my Cyclone 3000 and want to mount it inside the triangle of my bike attached to the seat down tube. It's going to be on a Fatbike. I have a 120mm bottom bracket. With your setup, how do you address chain alignment when mounting the motor.


                  Beautiful machine work Christian!!!


                    Well done sir!


                      Gokart axle split collars you can buy them on line .


                        OK so last night I fabbed my Cyclone 3000 mount and so far................. puuuuurfect !!