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Better BBSxx throttle response?

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    Better BBSxx throttle response?

    I'm currently using a left-hand thumb throttle on my BBSHD, and I'm honestly not very happy with it. It seems to be less a "throttle" and closer to an "on/off switch". There's a tiny sliver of travel where it actually creates variable power, but the rest of it is either no power or full power (governed by the current PAS setting).

    Is there a way to make it not suck? Am I running into controller weirdness due to typically running at PAS 3 or 4 of 9? (That is, is the controlled scaling the throttle input based on the full power range of the BBSHD rather than the power range allowed by the PAS setting?) Is the throttle just not very good? Is mine defective somehow?

    First question is, did you buy the BBSHD from Lunacycle, or from another vendor?
    Because Lunacycle has a custom programming they put on the ones they sell.
    Beyond that, buy a programming cable, and spend a couple of hours surfing where there is an enormous discussion about each setting.
    I bought my BBSHD from Lunacycle, and think the programming is acceptable. But nothing will give an electric motor the same type of power curve most people can relate to.


      I don't think it's controller weirdness since mine had a similar feel. I'm using a right hand twist throttle now and it feels more progressive. Still, there is a lot of room for improvement there: I'd buy a high quality progressive/programmable throttle if one was available as an upgrade.


        With controller settings this can be tuned. You can set the throttle voltage range to match your actual throttle range so you use the entire travel, and and you can set Current Mode instead of Speed Mode for more linear torque application, for example. You can't set custom ramp rates but you can significantly affect the feel.

        I agree you should read the programming tutorials, if you are considering it. This is a very good overview:
        Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


          Thanks everybody, I'll look into reprogramming for a more sane throttle response.


            Thanks for posting this Arcanum. I will be really interested in your reprogramming results. I just got a BBS02 from (and programmed by) Luna and noticed the same thing with my "universal thumb throttle". I didn't really think much of it until I compared it with a friend's thumb throttle. His has a much wider range of power. Especially on the low end. Not sure if it is a glitchy pot on my throttle, or programming that could be improved.

            I'm a little shy about getting into the programming. Otherwise I quite like the way Luna sets it up.


              There are quite a few things you can check / change.

              A lot of BBS units come programmed 11 to 35 on the throttle page. This can always be set 11 to 42 for improved ramping. If you can check throttle output voltages, it can be safe to set at 10 to 42.

              as others have said, select ‘current’ mode, can help.

              set ‘start current’ low. I use ‘1’ not 5 or 10. Set at 1 when you move the throttle and the voltage back to the controller reaches 1.1v (the 11 end of the settings), your controller will deliver 1% of the reference on the pedal assist page (usually PAS 9 set at 100 and 100.
              a 1% start rather that 10% means a broadened range of variability.
              if 1% does something funny to PAS not turning off, try 2%.

              Also, on the basic page, try lowering the ‘max current’ figure. Your throttle start and end is a percentage of this figure, so 1% to 100% control of 30amps on. BBSHD feels rougher that 1% to 100% control of a 25amp max setting. Think of this as jerky control of 30hp compared to 25hp. If 25hp is enough max power, it will be less jerky too. And in this case the 25hp setting is nicer on everything.

              finally, and the biggest variable I have found using 4 different types of throttles on the same unit, is that they are all different. As said above “it would be great if you could get a programable throttle”. The accessory bafang throttles vary greatly in quality. I have tried different throttles looking for improved ergonomics, and each time I swapped the most obvious change is the roughness or smoothness in power delivery (jerkiness). I find the long sweep under bar thumb throttles are generally the best, but they too can vary within themselves. Some types are more so just horrible switches, and a good one of a better type is a huge improvement in smoothness. The good thing is they are very cheap and easy to swap and play with.

              even getting all the best combos of the above tweaks, you will still be stuck with half great linear throttle smoothness. Perfection just does not seem to be achievable.
              To put a 1 to 10 scale on it for reference, if a ‘bad’ throttle is a switch ‘1/10’, the ‘best’ you might get could be likened to a ‘6/10’. If yours is rough? While 10/10 does not appear possible, there can still be tonnes of scope for improvement.

              hope that helps someone.