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What spoke length do I need for IGH wheel build?

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    What spoke length do I need for IGH wheel build?

    Hi, I have not made the purchase yet but will soon be getting an IGH. It's either going to be alfine sg-700 8 speed, nuvinci 360(or380) or sturmey archer 5 speed RX-RK5. I'd like to lace it up myself but am real confused about selecting the right spoke length. Can anyone give me the right spoke length i would need for these, or educate me on how to determine the right length to buy. I've found a few documents online that talk about flange length width and diameter but am a little uncertain with all this. Thanks!

    The famous Wheelpro calculator has now moved to the Spoke Length Project.

    Honestly I would take the hub and rim to my local bike shop and have them tell me the spoke length. First time I laced a hub that's what I did and it worked out fine, 2nd time I laced a hub I decided that I could measure spoke length myself and ended up getting the wrong length spokes. So I took this to my local bike shop like last time and this time they got the wrong spoke length, but because they got it wrong it was on them to replace with the correct length which they did at no extra charge.

    Typically it only costs $20 for them to tell you what length spokes you need and they will often do this for free if you buy the spokes from them. Not a bad deal. If even your local bike shop can get it wrong it's probably a good idea to go this route. Course if you just want to learn it might be best to measure and use the spoke calculator but then take everything to your local bike shop to have them verify. That way you get the learning experience but you are also going to get the right parts. Good luck, lacing wheels isn't the easiest but it is very satisfying once you get the hang of it.