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Feedback on my first build?

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    Feedback on my first build?

    I finally finished most of my research for my first build and am about to place the orders, but would like your feedback on my choices (and questions at the end) before I pull the throttle trigger:

    Luna BBS02 Kit Anniversary Sale with add-on's: $1,252 CAD Total including shipping
    Display Options: Luna Full Color Custom Display 750c $45.00 USD
    Sprocket Size: 46T
    Throttle Options: Bafang BBSxx Left Thumb Throttle $7.50 USD
    Upgrade Your Included Battery: 52v Shark GA 13.5ah $75.00 USD
    Upgrade Your Included Charger: Standard 3amp Barrel Charger
    Optional Programming Cable: Bafang Programming Cable $19.95 USD
    Add a Reccommended Gear Sensor: GearSensor $45 USD
    Add a Bafang Install Kit at a Discounted Rate: Luna Wrench $19.00 USD

    Donor Bike: Trek Marlin 5 (New) $660 CAD including GST

    Kit + Bike = $1,912 CAD

    Possible Extra Costs:
    Bottom bracket wrench: (do I need this if I'm buying the Luna Wrench?)
    Crank arm pulling tool / universal crank puller: (is this also necessary or highly recommended?)
    Soldering kit: I was told I shouldn't need this...
    Bike Repair Stand (ParkTool PCS-9 from Amazon): $188.95 CAD - not necessary but would be nice to have and from what I've read should support an e-bike.
    Rear Rack ($40~ CAD):
    Fenders ($15~ CAD)

    - From what I understand, a smaller chainring is basically better for climbing and torque, and a larger chainring is better for speed and to keep a comfortable cadence at faster speeds. If that is correct, then I opt for a smaller size since my original purpose behing an ebike was to help tackle the steep hills here.

    - I can't find many decent donor bikes within my price range here. $700 CAD is the most I want to spend on a donor bike, and my options are limited for a bike with disc brakes that will fit a shark battery. The shops here are and (there are a couple more but they don't have a website with inventory). I couldn't find any suitable candidates on Craigslist, Kijiji, and Facebook here either... which is why I was thinking of the Trek Marlin 5. doesn't ship to Canada without a whole lot of hassle, but perhaps somebody knows of a good Canadian-friendly online store?

    - Some donor bikes have hydraulic brakes. What would I need to do to make the kit work with hydraulic disc brakes? Do I need to buy another add-on?

    - Almost all the hard tails from stores here have a front derailleur here, which I'm trying to avoid as it seems like a waste to have to remove them and then have a lot less gears in the back too; or are rear cassettes usually around the same number even if there are normally no front gears?

    I wouldn't do the 46T sprocket on that bike - 30T or maybe 42T Lekkie for BBS02.

    Don't get caught up in "I need all the gears", you don't. That was when the bike was for leg power. Using mid drive motor most people soon realize you really only need about 3-5 wide range gears available.

    You need magnetic brake sensors for hydro brakes or any brake levers (integrated shifters?) you wish to retain.


      Thanks for the response ykick.

      I wanted to keep costs down which is why I didn't opt for an add-on chainring/sprocket - do you think the 46T would suffice until perhaps down the road I upgrade it?

      I'm currently riding a BBS02 and BBSHD so I understand what you're saying... I just thought it would be extra work on the build to modify the front derailleur and thoguht it might be a waste money-wise (for paying for a bike with more gears, only to remove them!).

      Where can I find those magnetic brake sensors? I didn't seem to find it on the Brake section in the Luna store, but did find these: -- but perhaps it'd be wasteful to buy a brand new bike with hydraulic brakes only to replace them with ebike hydraulic brakes?


      • ykick
        ykick commented
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        I can’t find magnetic sensors on Luna either so they’re probably backordered.

        If the chain line cooperates and you can reach the larger rear cogs maybe 46T will work until you can understand the operating envelope? But with BBS02 I find it more important than ever to run small diameter chain rings.

        Removing the front derailleur is simply par for the course with majority BBSXX installations. However, some of us re-purpose the LH 3 speed shifter for our reworked rear cassette freewheel gear clusters.