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BBSHD on a 27.5+ bike, are there potential chainstay clearance issues?

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    BBSHD on a 27.5+ bike, are there potential chainstay clearance issues?

    I'm currently searching for an appropriate donor bike for my first e-bike build. Stumbled upon this: which seems pretty appealing, I like the idea of being able to run tire widths between 2.4 and 2.8, or swapping for a thinner 29 if I want to later on.

    I see that it has a 68mm bottom bracket, so the 68mm BBSHD seems like an obvious choice. But since this has a wider-than-normal rear axle, I was concerned that the 68mm BBSHD might not have enough clearance past the chainstays.

    I've seen that some people will order the next size up BBSHD in similar installs, like on a fatbike. Does that seem like something I should do?

    Now I know the smart advice says not to order the BBSHD until you get the bike, so maybe I should just buy the bike now and figure out what it needs after I have it. But in this case, part of my criteria for a donor bike is looking for something with an easy installation process since this is my first build after all. And even if I had the bike in front of me, I'm not sure that I'm experienced enough with the measurements to be able to discern whether I need the 73-100mm BBSHD or if the 68-73mm will be fine.

    The boost question was asked before and i answered it's only a few mm difference. The puny 2.7" tire doesn't hold a candle to 4-5" fat rubber.


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      Awesome! I thought I had searched pretty thoroughly before posting this but I couldn't find the answer. Thanks for responding!

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      Yeah I couldn't find the post either or recall any responses for what it's worth.
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