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"De-Tuning" Cyclone 3000w?

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    "De-Tuning" Cyclone 3000w?

    Forgive me, as while I am mechanically inclined I am still wrapping my head around the whole electrical side of things.

    I want to do a build with a Cyclone motor, mostly because of the great pricing vs a BBSHD as well as the available power output should I want to max it out down the line. I am fine with challenging assemblies, as I have all the tools needed to strip a bike bare and put it back together and am relatively well versed in doing so, as well as cobbling together creative solutions for miscellaneous issues. For my initial build though, I was wanting to use a smaller battery than the recommended 20ah as well as a lower continuous amperage of 30a vs the controller's 40a rating. This is because I am piecing together a ride until I spend the money on a new bike and battery. Obviously, I am concerned about burning out one of the pricey batteries so was wondering how I would go about lowering the output of the motor, or if it would even be necessary. I assume all I would need to do is swap down to a lower amperage ESC? I see there are 30a ones available which would match my intended battery's output but like I said, I'm still working on understanding electricals. I just am not sure. Maybe I'm worrying about nothing at all. However, advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

    You're fine with 30A battery and a <20ah pack. I bought my brother a cyclone 3k and a shark pack while back, he loves it.

    Cyclone 3k is 40A but that's peak. Your average 30A battery is 30A continuous. With most 30A BMS you can peak upwards of 50A for a while (the number itself is kinda fuzzy as far as specific peak), or at least the 30A packs from Luna are that way, I can't speak for other suppliers.

    If you wanted to you could go with the bluetooth controller and dial down the current in the app, but you may not need to.


      Good to know. The more I think about it, I may actually just put in the bit of extra effort and build my own high drain battery as well; it appears it will be cheaper than any other option. Plus it'll be another good bit of learning experience for me.


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        cell termination is critical. Take a look at Luna's website, the page about making battery packs.