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    Sleeper electric bike

    Hi, there, due to the dtrict laws in my country about ebikes, I was thinking of creating a sleeper. One of my main concerns would be how to make the motor blend with the design of the bike and how to dampen the sound more. As someone that is new to the whole DIY bike thing, I was wondering if some more experienced biulders would be able to help me out. And it would be nice if the battery didnt require tools to switch. (for longer Journeys and a hard day at the trails) but it isnt required. Please keep in mind that you're not going to use this bike to disobey the law I'm just using it so that when I don't want to use the motor I'm not hassled by police and park staff
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    Battery in a backpack is a good place to start. If you can get custom parts made I would put the motor disguised as a water bottle on the seat tube and use a drive cable/shaft to a worm gear/ crown wheel at the bottom bracket to a special inner cog. You would need a freewheel there for normal riding.
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      Thanks for the suggestion, but I can't get custom parts and I wouldn't feel comfortable installing anyway. As a beginner, I was looking for simple ways to hide the motor and maybe dampen the sound. I know that this doesn't give me many options, but I want to get comfortable around bike tools before I begin something like that. Putting the battery in a backpack sounds like a great idea though . thanks for the suggestion

    I designed my whole ebike around hiding the motor, battery and controller. The bike is here:

    Basically, I hid the rear hub motor behind the panniers, hid the batteries inside the panniers, and hid the controller inside a trunk bag using a passive heat sink for heat dissipation in a closed trunk bag.

    If you use a sine wave controller, it will be almost completely silent.


      It's not often you see a huge chainring on a fat tire bike! But I guess the principle is to hide things as innocent accesories instead of trying to fit batteries and motors into a bicycle layout.
      A water bottle motor with a 90* gear box could be chian drive to the inner cog. If everything is painted black then visually it will just be a silhouette. Use brightwork or color to draw the eye away from the drive area.


        To me, what come to mind for a simple, affordable, bolt together sleeper build are:
        • Battery in a backpack, or a small battery in a seat bag
        • Low to medium power hub motor, smaller in diameter than the brake rotor
        • Don't mount (or install, if possible) the display. Or. consider, if compatible, the Eggrider display.
        The motor could look like this:

        Click image for larger version  Name:	2050_1400_3R5A2105_900x.jpg?v=1534964294.jpg Views:	1 Size:	108.2 KB ID:	76021

        Add panniers as Commuter said, to hide the motor that much more.
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          Going to a larger brake and painting the hub silver would help it blend in better.
          I have an light weight XC bike I'm not using any more. It looks like windshield wiper motors are about the right size, and have a g right angle gearbox attached to be used as a water bottle motor. One for a bus would be 24V. to start with. Hmmmmmm. Might be geared too low.
          I looked into this and car wipers are pretty lame. But here's a Bosch bus wiper motor with worm gear that makes 80Nm of torque. That's 60 ft/lb to the rest of us.

          Now that 60# force all the way around the circle not just on the down stroke. Seems like that would be a pretty good assist.
          At 48V it might provide some serious grunt.
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