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Suggestions for widest ratio gearing cost effectively?

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    I'm still thinking about how to do the 2x8 chainring. The smallest cog that I think is reasonable for a first attempt would be a 40T casette cog turned around backwards so the tooth profile will be correct as a drive gear, and the ramps on the correct side to aid an upshift. I stopped thinking about spacers because they "take up space". The world shortest 6" diameter driveshaft tube is what I have in mind.
    The thinnest 6" steel tubing I could find was 6" Dia. diesel exhaust pipe 1/16" wall So 5.875" ID. There is aluminum air intake pipe that size available too. Waterjet a 6" hole in the cog and braze the pipe in, then have a flange on the other end to attach as you please. The 6" size I arrived at from measuring the chain relief to clear the inner edge of the chain plates on a 44t=6 1/2", and a 42T=6 1/4' so 40T =6" should clear the chain. No room for fasteners or weld beads. The eutectic braze willl flow into a .001 gap and be stronger for it. It's a pretty safe assumption that it will touch at the cover over the pinion gear, but not by much.
    Replace the cover gasket with silcone sealer, and grind the casting some as needed I thnk will do oit. But it's getting into individual craftsmanship at that point.
    I noticed that the holes on the 2 different Luna 130 BCD adapters ( Aluminum CNC, and cut SS Plate) have the 5 small bolt holes clocked differnetly to the spokes. They look like thay could both be used together. 10 bolt chainring setup anyone? Anyway looking at the gear chart 50x11-40 is all I need. I just thought I'd put this out there if anyone wants to try it.