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Bafang BBS02 + SG-8R31 (Shimano Nexus 8 IGH)

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    Bafang BBS02 + SG-8R31 (Shimano Nexus 8 IGH)

    First post!

    Was wondering if anyone may have any experience or advise on whether the Windsor Kensington 8's SG-8R31 (Shimano Nexus 8) internal hub would be a good fit for a pedal-assist conversion? Specifically, I'm eyeing the Bafang BBS02 kit. I like the Kensington 8 as a starter because it has a CrMo frame. I also own another Winsor bike from BikesDirect that has 15,000 km on it and is in top condition. So appreciate the reliability. Plus, I want an IGH for weather protection and keeping the drive-train clean.

    I'm not necessarily looking for extreme power - mostly just a good pedal assist to 35 km/h tops. But my concern is that maybe the specific SG-8R31 would not be able to handle the tourque of the BBS02. Though, I'm assuming it's possible to program the controller to not send more average power to the hub...

    Love to hear your thoughts on the SG-8R31 hub. Is it going to be able to handle a reasonable amount of power? Is there a specific sprocket size for the motor I should pick to reduce load on the IGH? Etc.



    The 8 speeds have a 1:1 5th gear. 35kph you can probably take off in that gear and have a nice range. In the lower slower gears I would use little or no assist ( this assumesstreet riding).
    Here's a gear calculator that includes IGH hubs. selct KPH @ 90RPM unless you have another preference. You can choose a few rear cogs and it will chart them all at once.