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    DIY Battery

    Dear all

    I have a 350W motor , hub motor front whell

    Everything is almost ok , my problem is the battery

    I use old laptop batterys , I test then using Litokalla charger/tester

    I did a big battery 36V 20 Amp , 10S 10P , but , is not working
    I used just cells with 2000 mha capacity after solder then togheter each cell with 10 laptop batteries in parallel , I just able to use for a few kilometers .

    I see that some cell get warm and when I did a load test using a cell meter I checked that one group of cell is lower thabn others

    I need help to test this cells correctly
    Some one could help me ?

    thank you


    sounds like you are well down a path, but it also sounds like you dpon't fully understand what you are doing.

    You need to respect these batteries - especially that many.
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