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Thumb Throttle - (5-wire hookup to 6-wire controller)

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    Thumb Throttle - (5-wire hookup to 6-wire controller)

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum so please excuse me if this is an old topic. I ordered a thumb throttle with a voltage display, but it is a 5-wire connection. My controller throttle connection has 6 wires. Can someone help me determine which wires should be hooked up? The only odd man out is the white wire from the controller. Thanks for any help!

    Hi Arty Eagle,
    And welcome to the forum!

    It is important to keep the low voltage of the hall sensor connections (5vdc) separate from the high voltage input. (full battery power) Does the throttle have a switch?

    I would always look to the throttle and controller wiring from the manufacturer first. Can you give any links or details on the parts? Keep in mind wiring colors can and will vary from one manufacture to another.

    Until then you might want to look over this thread on hall sensor throttles for information and suggestions. There are also a few wiring diagrams that may give some direction.

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