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Advice Needed: Getting my mom up a steep hill.

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    Advice Needed: Getting my mom up a steep hill.

    Bought my mom a 48cm Rivendell Clem a little while ago (

    It's great, only she's moving from the flats in San Jose to the Oakland hills and has to ride up ~1000ft in <1 mile to get to her house.

    We've been looking at middrive kits and want to make moves, but I'm still up in the air due to the specific nature of our task.

    Considerations: She's very fit, and can ride just fine around town, she really only needs help getting up this long, steep hill. Ideally she would just have pedal-assist.

    My budget is ~$1000

    Any thoughts on kits? battery size? etc? anything?

    I own a BBSHD conversion, and a PAS only TSDZ2 conversion. I personally don't see much difference between the two. On the BBSHD if I want ot peda harderl I just leave the assist at level 1 or 0 and add as much power as I want. On PAS it still has levels, but the harder you pedal the more it assists. It is more of a different feel than an actual difference in effort. You still choose a level of assist either way. Going up the hill you will be using the motor a lot either way. Of course the BBSHD has twice the power but it's more than necessary for normal bike riding situations.
    A few questions.
    Is that really the only hill around there? How about headwinds in that area? With an E bike she might start riding a lot more, and go more places.
    Mid drives are very versatile. I do 40 mile irdes and all speeds from a walk to 30+mph blasts in rush hour traffic. But drive train maintenance goes way up with a mid drive. But probably OK if you have a good chainline for the gear you climb that hill with. But if you really just need to climb the one hill, may be a hub motor that has casette on it will do the job. The load on the chain etc. stays the same. For one specific situation like that a hub motor might be worth a look.
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      Wow - 1000' in 1mi is 1000/5280 = ~19% average grade! Too steep for most any 750W hub so I'd stick with mid