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Compatible removal display for Bafang motor P850C display

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    Compatible removal display for Bafang motor P850C display

    Hi All, I have a Bafang 48v 500w front wheel drive geared motor with a P850C display. I saw someone at a market that had a removable display, as he took it out of his pocket after shopping and put it on. It looked like a great idea. I use my bike for a surfboard carrier and leave it at the beach for several hours at a time, and would really like to get some kind of display that was removable, for the obvious theft reasons.
    The P850C is a common controller for Bafang and was wondering if anyone could point me to an aftermarket removable one I could use instead.
    Thank you!

    Update, after driving from Washington State to southern California, when I went for my first ride, the bike does not "GO". The battery is fine, as well as the display. There are no error codes when I go into the display. Could the motor controller be the problem? The throttle does not work either. I contacted the people that sold me the kit, but not sure how to get just the controller. Will any controller work, that is for a Bafang 48v 500w setup?
    Forgive the obvious NOOB questions, but I am being ignored by the folks I bought the kit from on Amazon.
    Thanks in advance!