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Bikee Bike BEST: A mid-drive kit on Kickstarter

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    Bikee Bike BEST: A mid-drive kit on Kickstarter

    This popped up on my radar yesterday: I found discussion on what looked like an earlier iteration on ES a couple years ago. It's an interesting looking kit, and the KS prices look Ok, the full retail being a bit pricey.
    Culled from the description, video and FAQ:

    --Pick your motor power: 250, 500, 749 and 999 W ( the odd 749 and 999 to be under 750w and 1000w limits in some locales)
    -- 48V batteries, 6.6 - 11.6 Ah
    --Motor is outboard of the chainring. This keeps the chainline more normal and allows for a dual chainring setup in front using a standard derailleur.
    --Standard "display" is a Bluetooth link to your phone.
    --In theory you could use your own battery, but might miss out on the battery info sent to the phone app via the BT interface.
    --Battery cuttoff is done by a sensor and magnet you glue to your existing brake levers.
    -- Smartbox and BT app available separately, but no details on it's possible interface to another kit.

    I like the idea of the dual front chainrings and the BT interface. The final price looks to be about 2x of BBSHD kit though. The campaign info is more complete and honest than many I've seen. They have a chart that shows compliance info for various states rather than most that just claim you can use it anywhere. The no-pedaling range estimates looked a bit optimistic at 35 miles, but they do mention that all their range estimates are at 25kph / 15.5mph. This is also better than the companies that only give "with pedaling" range or a no pedaling range with no speed info.

    I have to be honest. The bikee bike motor is now looking like a bbshd killer. Wish they would get the dedicated display done but a dedicated cheap phone with Bluetooth is not so bad. The price is a killer though lol


      I see what they did there. They stamped "BEST" on the motor so everyone can brag they have the best mid-drive. They were honest about 10% of 1st batch being defective. Most of all it's nice to keep a spare bike in your trunk.

      Click image for larger version

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        It is looking pretty sweet to me! If I could afford the 2199.00 for the 999 watt version I would go for it but I had enough trouble getting funds together for a bbshd and battery lol. I wonder if the connectors are the same so I could use my Tektro Dorado's. If not probably use the wire and connectors for the supplied cutoffs wired on to the Tektros. Maybe I will hit the lottery lol.
        Being that I live in flat Florida I would have no use for the dual front chain rings though.
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