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*New here! some questions regarding upgrading my e bike*

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    *New here! some questions regarding upgrading my e bike*

    Hi guys! my name is kai, im new here! nice to meet you guys!! i am a newbie for ebike tuning and hopefully you guys can help me with ebike tuning!

    First my bike is using Brushless hub motor on the back wheel, 36v, 15 am , max is 350w

    controller 36 v

    battery is 36v, 10 Ah lithium battery.

    the max speed i can reach is around 25 km/h , i am wondering if there is a kit i can purchase to increase my speed to around 50 km/h .

    if i upgrade the motor to 500 w or above, as well as the battery, will that achieve the speed?

    any input is appreciated!! here is a picture of my ebike.

    thank you guys!


    No. You will never reach 30MPH with a 36V system or 500W. 1000W Motor, new controller, and a 52V battery can get you there.
    I suggest you start form scratch with a new frame and kit.
    Play with this motor simulator for some ideas on what is needed.
    Our ebike motor simulator allows you to easily simulate the different performance characteristics of different ebike setups - with a wide selection of hub motors modeled, and the ability to add custom batteries and controllers and set a wide variety of vehicle parameters you'll be able to see how factors such as throttle level, bike weight, hill grade and many more directly affect the performance of an ebike. You can even compare two different setups at a glance and at higher power levels and hill grades you'll even get an estimation of how long it would take the motor to overheat!


      thank you very much louis! do you have some conversion kit company suggestions? where i can get these parts? any reliable companies which sell conversion kits?


        Not knowing what you have for room for a battery, what the wheel size is, and whether there's room for a new controller. it's rather hard to help. If you can add more information like the brand and model perhaps some google searching will yield someone who had upgraded. Honestly, if you need a 50KPH bike you might be better off starting from scratch. It's hard to say with the limited information/


          Iff you need a 50KPH bike I suggest you sell that one and start from scratch. I found the bike, KUKUMA i300. Not knowing what the battery looks like, where the controller is, what the wheel size is, all makes recommendations difficult.


            If you want to go 50 kph, consider a 72V system. I use and recommend 72V Lyen controllers:

            I use the 24 FET Mark 2. Edward Lyen is a great guy!