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    Colorblindness hard to see forum

    Hi !
    I have difficulty seeing blues greens and reds so I'm having difficulty seeing the text on the forum.

    I tried to edit them to darker colors in the user control panel but it didn't seem to make any difference even after saving them.

    Are there any other board styles to choose from?

    am I doing somet5hing wrong in editing the styles and color selections?


    If you 're using Chrome browser you could try the extension Dark Reader for this site. Here's a screenshot of what it might look like.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	DR2.jpg
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      I'd second the opinion about using another browser

      I'm not a fan of chrome (or much of anything google) but in browsers I'm using options exist - e.g. if I put windows in high contrast it will force the browser into high contrast or I can choose the colors for font and background and force web pages to to use those colors