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Not so happy with purchase

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  • AZguy
    Good news (for you) is that the kit is sold out and popular - I would try active sur-ron boards/sites and bet you can move them readily

    Luna is nowhere near as big as amazon so it's like comparing apples and cows... no offense meant but it's also very clear on their site what the return policy is and if you don't like those policies then shop elsewhere? If you don't read them before plunking down the money then........

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  • Rboeschen
    started a topic Not so happy with purchase

    Not so happy with purchase

    I purchased a Sur-Ron Super Moto Conversion Kit from Luna Cycle as a Christmas gift for my 19 year old grandson. My grandson decided to sell his bike and the kit was no longer needed. I contacted Luna Cycle 28 days after the purchase and requested a return. I was told by Tony in Customer Support that they only have a 14 day return policy. I responded that even Amazon gives a 30 day return period. No response ever received. Paid $450 for the street wheel conversion kit. Box was never opened. Not very good customer relations on their part. If anyone on this Forum is interested in purchase of the kit I will sell it for $350.
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