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    A Page on Luna

    I think it would be cool to have a page about Luna on this site
    That people can go to and really see what's up
    Show pictures of the operation and People doing their jobs
    Put a face to the story so people can see what they are supporting and who they are spending their money on
    Show some shots of the shop and people working Building Bikes and such
    It is a American company that is something to be proud of
    and We all love a great success story especially involving one of our own in these days and times

    Luna does have an 'About Us' link at the bottom of the store site, it sums up their operation and mission pretty well. But it's not really something that shows off the American craftsmanship and the details of the Luna Cycle facilities.

    I think there's an opportunity to better show there are caring faces, manufacturing operations, and local inventory in CA, USA, fulfilling all our ebike wishes. That would be neat. But also a very personal and vulnerable thing to do, for a young business - putting detailed info with names and/or faces out in public for the world to see and use as they wish.

    surron, talaria, sting R mx4, bafang, bbshd,
    Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


      Here's some light reading for you Billy :)

      A little over a year ago I sent my first email to Eric of right after he first started his ebike ebusiness. 2 months ago I packed up the minivan and headed out on a 6000-mile journey …


        Its a good point...

        we have been pretty secretive of our operation for no good reason but since we are moving soon i would like to document our old operation that we will be moving away soon from.

        I have been planning to do a video in the next few days of what goes into building one of our ebikes.

        More than anything i want to document our current place of work.... which is so much different than where we were 6 months ago which we have little documentation of.

        Here is one video that kind of documents where we are now (and are moving away from soon to bigger location).


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          Nice look at how far y'all have come in such a short time.