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human verification?

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    human verification?

    At times when I sign in and write a post and try to post it I get a panel that says missing human verification. when I check, I'm signed in. So I sign out and back in, then restore my post and it might work. sometimes when I sign it I get a small signed in page up in the right corner. What am I doing wrong? e-rod

    Hi E-rod....

    I get this sometimes also....basically you just need to refrresh your page when this happens...then it will make it clear you are not signed in...and basically you just need to log in.

    It can be sometimes confusing since if you leave the forum open in a window awhile will auto log out....but the page will still show you as logged in.....just refresh the page and you will see you need to log in.

    once you log in you will not be asked for that silly image verification.



      thanks Eric, I'm slow, but I,m figuring it out! I love the forum and check in often. There's a lot of good information going on. Thanks for your dedication to the e-bike world. You have been a wonderful ambassador for us noobs! regards, Bruce e-rod


        Thanks so much e-rod for your kind words. i am so happy we are helping new people get started in what some of us known for years is an awesome hobby....high performance ebikes, :)


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          dirtman commented
          Editing a comment
          Eric ""helping new people"" ""Awesome hobby H.P.E-Bikes""
          I`m not a new people. Since 1969 I have been dreaming of an Electric Dirt-Bike.
          My 1st job was as a Electrician. We had to fix an elevator.
          No gas motor on an elevator. Instant power and speed control. No noise.
          1970. Drafted into US Army. Just one ride on a Submarine.
          Wow.. All electric, instant power. no noise.
          Dream on. Dream until your dream comes true.. (almost 50 years later)