Sorry about all the noise on the forum today. I spent most of the day gardening in the Knowledge Base. Whereas the forum is a great place for learning by discussion, new reader tend to think of knowledge bases as a place to quickly get answers.

To that end I I started fleshing out a number of FAQs with that are linked to from a FAQ index at . Each of these FAQs is a 100-150 word answer to common questions from the chat help line. Where evrey possiable, I linked those short answers to a more indepth post to provide more information as needed.

Secondly, I trimmed off some of the follow on posts to knowledge base threads. I included the information from those posts in the first post of the thread. The idea being that new builder don't want to search through long conversations for answers to questions they are not completely sure how to ask... yet. Hopefully, if new users find their first look around the Knowledge Base useful they will be more likely to become active members.

The churn might be a little high over the next couple of day and then settle down to a more reasonable level.