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Diebold USA ripped me off of $1,495.50

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  • Diebold USA ripped me off of $1,495.50

    Has anyone been ripped off by Epizontec/Diebold USA? I paid $1,495.50 for an electric trike that never would operate. Brought it to local bike shop, they also could not get it to operate.
    Called two more bike shops. Neither would work on it. Company tells me I have to pay for shipping/repairs and sign a service repair form that states "I received product in good working order".
    Well, the thing never worked. Diebold will do nothing for me. They keep telling me to bring it to a bike shop or pay to have it shipped back and repaired by them. Not acceptable to me.
    They took my money without giving me what I paid for. One bike shop did tell me to take them to court. I want to know if this company has done this to others. This was shipped directly to my home.
    I would really like to know if anyone else has any similar experiences that could help me out.

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    If you end up calling it a write-off I would like to point out Luna Cycles has some really nice Electric Bikes they sell at great prices.


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      Dispute the charge with your credit card company, you should be able to do a chargeback.
      kind of a dick move but if they really won't help you at all doesn't sound like you have much choice. I wouldn't sign a form saying that it arrived in good working order if that's not the case since that would prevent you from doing the chargeback

      A quick look at that company's inventory shows all they are doing is shipping cheap prebuilt bikes directly from China, probably the same thing you could get directly from Alibaba. They may not even know how to do troubleshooting on it.


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        They like to rip off old people on scooters so you are not alone