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Sick and tired of my posts being deleted

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    Sick and tired of my posts being deleted

    You could at the very least alert me and make a simple explanation why you desire to censor the members.

    Looking at your post history I only see one deleted post. A unsubstantiated rumor propagated by right wing media in their attempt to use a tragedy to profit from folks that feed into racism. This rumor was already explicitly discredited by the local authorities.

    But even if it had not been, this is not the place for politics, religion or divisive conversation. That is the sort of thing that caused so many to abandon endless sphere.

    I do agree a comment should have been left by the mod that did this. They left a delete reason but probably did not know this is only viewable by other mods, it is so rare we delete comments hardly anyone knows how it works. This was the reason.

    Reason: Unsubstantiated claim with racial "overtones". Not on this site...


      ES allows extensive discourse about religion and politics which would be a wonderful thing if our country weren’t so polarized.

      One solution to this polarization is for the polarized parties to build a foundation on what they have in common. For example, a love of ebikes! This is the most fun hobby that I have ever had.

      I have had a lot of comments pertaining to religion or politics that I wanted to make, but I held back because I knew that it would probably offend somebody. Sometimes I am even offended by my own ideas!
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        OK sure. It was 1 post and I was being a dick. Whatever