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Pumping Fat Tires

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    Pumping Fat Tires

    Has anybody here used the Luna Electric Pump?

    My LBS said that my 4" fat tires are too big to use the CO2 cartridge system. I need a pump for when I am out in the field and need to inflate.

    Or has anybody tried using CO2's?

    Also anybody have opinion about the best low pressure PSI gauge?

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    I carry a 45g co2 cartridge and a Topek (?) digital low pressure gauge.


      Harold: are you able to pump up a fat tire with the 45g cartridge? Thanks, Lee


        Yes, It filled a 26x4.0 Van Helga to 14psi in a few seconds. There is still air in the cartridge. I use a Topeak SmartGauge D2 to check the pressure.


          I'll take a good pump over CO2 any time... frankly it's a horrible gas for tires... changes pressure with temperature considerably and gets absorbed by any moisture in the tire... cartridges and valve get silly cold enough for frostbite and once it's meager contents are gone your left with nothing...

          I always have a pump on the bike frame - very light, inexpensive and to get to fat tire pressures (8-10psi for me on my 26x4.8's, any more is too much for my riding) is easy pumping - doesn't take long at all...

          However since going to tubeless sealant [in the tubes] about 8000mi ago, flats are a thing of the past - even in the thorniest AZ desert and the pump has only been used to help out other people



            Thanks for the input, guys. What kind of frame pump are you using? I am considering going tubeless, but my LBS says the process of converting is not perfect and can take a long time to perfect. The problem is that in Hawaii, we have nasty Kiawe trees that have crazy thorns that can puncture your tires VERY easily. If I go tubeless, is there any tire/rim that you recommend. (my tires are 26x4) Right now I just have the new tires and rims on the KHS500. Thanks for your advice.


              Just go with tubeless sealant in the tubes all normally mounted - use 2-4x as much as they recommend... I've been using stans... it's what most all the AZ folks I know are running

              I pick up huge thorns out here all the time and no worries... some are >1/8" in diameter... trick is to ignore them, don't pull them out, just leave them be and all is well

              I'm using a Lezyne pump - heck if I remember which one but it's oriented towards wider tires... rule-of-thumb - the larger the tire the wider the pump body... It looks like it should be too small to do a decent job but it works great. Then again for the last 8000mi the only use it sees is other peoples tires! I think Lezynes makes excellent pumps and a very good value but that's just my .02


                Thanks AZguy. Are you saying to keep my innertubes and just squirt in the sealant in to my innertubes? Ah, good hint. Use a bunch of Stans. Will do.
                You just leave the thorns in there permanently? Too risky to pull out, I assume. Do they break off eventually?
                I'll check out the Lezyne pump. I own their floor model which works well.
                8,000 miles is a good long run; can't complain about that.
                I think I'll follow your advice.
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                  Originally posted by millervideo View Post
                  Thanks AZguy. Are you saying to keep my innertubes and just squirt in the sealant in to my innertubes?..
                  Yup! There's instructions on the bottle - only requirement is that you have tubes with removable valve cores

                  If you pull a thorn it might lose some air until the tire turns enough to slosh the sealant (it's super thin) over the hole left when you pull it out... if you ignore them they just break off and if they come out while you are riding and the hole will seal nearly instantly... When you park the bike and see the goatheads and thorns sticking out go all zen and just leave them be as tempting as it is to pick at like some old itchy scab Click image for larger version

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                  This is how mine looked the other day after a short spin around the block with a couple of goatheads and a few of the thorns still visible

                  Click image for larger version

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                    Thanks, AZguy. I just ordered removable core innertubes from Amazon. LBS had none and can't get them for weeks! Our country's supply chain is suffering.

                    Wow, your tire is certainly thorned up.. Yet, no leak! Impressive.

                    Is there a particular type of Stan's you are using? Amazon has a couple:

                    NoTubes Tire Sealant $28 for 32oz
                    Stan's NoTubes, Pre-mixed sealant 32oz : $33

                    Looks like you need an injector, no?

                    Thanks. It's a tricky subject in thorn country!

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                      The stans notubes tire sealant is the stuff, not sure if the second one is different or what

                      I'd get the injector, it's not expensive and makes it very easy and clean and it's very difficult to do without when you keep the tubes

                      One very nice thing about putting it in the tubes is that when it comes time to change tires you just toss the old tube and there's no mess at all

                      Are you using presta or schrader valves?

                      Another tip - if you are getting new tubes, rinse them out with water... new tubes have talc inside them and fat ones can have a lot that binds up some of the sealant... if you have the injector you can just pull the plunger out and use the body like a funnel to get a bunch of water in there, then just squeeze out as much as you can... it won't hurt if there's a little left in there

                      I think you will be pleased with how well it works - I don't even think about flats any more and it used to be an every other ride kind of thing