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The p.o.s Hailong HL-3 (Jumbo Shark) battery case - remedy or replace and with what?

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    The p.o.s Hailong HL-3 (Jumbo Shark) battery case - remedy or replace and with what?

    So I'm at about 2000km with this battery and its cradle and the case is gradually falling apart. The cradle is mounted on a hard tail using the supplied rubber dampening washers between the cradle and frame. At this point it's about ready to give up the ghost but I'm reluctant to replace it like-for-like from AliExpress for about 45USD knowing it's faults. The cells themselves are fine - the battery is a Luna 52V 17.5ah, so they're glued together rather than using the case spacer, which has probably contributed to the stresses that are gradually destroying it.

    Whats' busted and in order:
    1. Rubber USB charge port cover lost within weeks
    2. Movement in bullet connectors, sooting and then arcing (probably water ingress) - a bitch to find and replace this type of connector at the time.
    3. Small "ribs" around XLR charge surround broken away/cracked off meaning the part has had to be hot glued into the topside part of the case to remain in place.
    4. Some screw mounts cracked from stress/tension
    5. Base section of the bottom-side part of the case cracked off completely in one section around the two screw mounts.
    So, I'm interested if anyone has replaced this case with something of a similar form factor and which will hold this battery configuration OR if anyone has pimped one of these cases to last better? Maybe using 3D printed replacement parts, reinforcing spars, additional dampening or similar?


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